Iroko TV, founder, Jason Njoku, has narrated the experience his wife had with a racist Lebanese barber in Lagos who refused to cut her hair.

According to him, his wife, Mary Remmy ran into a Lebanese barber in Lagos who refused to cut her hair. His tone quickly went from aggressive to apologetic when his immigration status was questioned. See what he wrote below;

Mrs Njoku wanted to get a hair cut in Ikeja GRA. (I cut the one she is currently sporting and have been away this week) Saw a Lebanese barber tending the salon. He aggressively raised his voice

‘This is not one of those your Nigerian salons where you people pay N200 for haircut’. It was just her so she felt a little upset and definitely threatened. She left. His lucky I wasn’t in Nigeria.

Anyway. Straight to the police station to make a complaint. He was invited for questioning. He started with ‘he doesn’t cut Nigerian hair.’ Once they asked about his immigration status he started begging that he was so sorry. Offered Mrs Njoku, DPO everyone free haircuts 😒😒😒


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